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A few pictures of my new car

Springboard - Pin folders to your Windows 7 taskbar

Windows 7 allows you to pin applications and shortcuts to the taskbar... quite awesome. However, it doesn't appear to allow you to pin folders, or shortcuts to folders. Yossarko at the Something Awful forums had a clever idea - to create a springboard application that takes a folder name as a command line parameter... you can then create a shortcut to this application, with a folder name as a parameter, and pin that shortcut. Since it's an application, it can pin without hassles.

And so, I present to you, Springboard.

Screamer ADSL sucks

Enticed by Screamer's pricing, I thought I might sign up and give it a shot. So I did the online sign-up on Monday, and was presented with an authorization form to sign and fax. Not having a printer handy at the time, and being incredibly lazy, I never got around to printing, signing or faxing the authorization form.

Vodacom 3G sucks

I've been having trouble with Vodacom's 3G for a few months now, and they've apparently finally agreed to release me from my contract early (although I'm still waiting for written confirmation from them, as well as waiting to hear how Autopage is going to handle it).

June is another no-pizza month

In an effort to reduce my flab levels, I am going to try not to have pizza for the whole of June. Altho I guess my weekend meals will then consist of other flabby foods instead. Oh well. At least June only has 30 days.

RIP Peanut


Next stop: Cape Town

More travelling coming up soon - I'll apparently be going to Cape Town for a few days in early April to do a demo to a customer. That should be interesting... although it means March is a very busy month :(

More pictures from Sydney

The rest of the photos from the trip to Australia.

Holy cow!
Strangers with candy

Some photos from Sydney

I really should install some gallery plugin thing so I don't have to type these silly descriptions

Some building right outside the airport
Pies n peas right outside the airport
Some clouds
A holiday inn


Whoa, I've been doing a lot of travelling this year. I only got my passport just over a year ago, but this is the third time I've made use of it in like 6 months!

My new company sent me to Sydney to their head office for handover and training, as my team is going to start supporting and working on their codebase from Jhb. So we're here for just over a month to have the whole system explained to us so we don't make too much of a mess of it.

October is no coke month!

I've been drinking too much coke recently, so I'm going to see if I can do without it throughout October. This is going to be difficult :(


So the deployment in Dar es Salaam went off mostly well - there were a bunch of snags here and there, but around 6.30am on Friday morning, our stuff was declared working as well as it should, under the circumstances. Which meant I was clear to spend the weekend in Zanzibar as planned.


I'm lucky enough to be in Dar es Salaam this week for work. We're deploying a project for Vodacom Tanzania which meant being on site to test and to be on standby when we go live.

I got here on Sunday evening about 7.30pm East African time... it's an hour ahead of South Africa, and has had me pretty confused at times, because we're in constant contact with guys back in SA working from that side... plus my phone and laptop clocks are both still on SA time. I'll probably get used to it just as I'm about to leave.

My new new place

I guess the move to Jhb is going to be a permanent one. I signed an offer to purchase a duplex a week and a half ago, and got finance approved yesterday. So hopefully sometime soon the transfer goes through and I can finally live in my own place. (click read more for pics)